Product Consulting

Our approach begins by analyzing the various materials, products and systems used in construction, the interaction between the various materials, and the environments in which they are located.

Cladding refers to a material or component of the wall assembly that forms the outer surface and is exposed to the exterior environment.

Building Envelope, generally refers to those parts of the building that separate inside conditioned space from unconditioned or outside space, such as windows, doors, walls, roofs, and foundations.  Some building envelope elements can be exposed to exterior environmental loads but not separate dissimilar environments (balcony guard walls).

Durability refers to the ability of a material, components, assembly or building to perform its required functions in its service environment over a period of time with minimal maintenance, repair or renewal.

Maintenance refers to a regular process of inspection, minor repairs and replacement of components of the building envelope to maintain a desired level of performance for the intended service life. Maintenance activities are typically for items with life cycles of less than 10 years.

System describes a combination of materials and components that perform a particular function such as an air barrier system, or exterior moisture barrier system.